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His Grace Homes and AcePoint Homes create spaces to fit your lifestyle; crafting layouts that are purposeful and fit your daily routines.  Bringing years of experience and knowledge to deliver exceptional quality to every single home. We are dedicated to the highest standards in every aspect of our build and this is reflected in the quality of the product delivered to our customers.

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HIS GRACE HOMES and ACEPOINT HOMES are celebrated for their ability to create living spaces that seamlessly align with your unique lifestyle, designed with a sense of purpose that caters to your daily routines.

With an extensive wealth of industry experience, these developers are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of their construction process, ensuring the delivery of top-tier quality to their esteemed customers.

The latest project, The Beverly, stands as a testament to their meticulous planning and the collective wisdom of a team with substantial expertise in real estate and development. HIS GRACE HOMES and ACEPOINT HOMES prioritize qualities such as integrity, quality, and the establishment of enduring relationships.

Combining over 25 years of experience, these developers have successfully overseen a multitude of land development, real estate projects, and construction endeavours. Their portfolio boasts hundreds of single-family homes, multi-family residences, apartments, and commercial developments throughout the picturesque Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

The entire team shares a collective commitment to crafting spaces that prioritize family, communities, lifestyle, and a harmonious connection with nature. They take great pride in their extensive knowledge base, innovative approach, and the outstanding value they bring to each and every project.

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